About Me

Hi I’m Meng Yuan, a senior undergraduate in computational biology from Sichuan University. I will be graduating in June 2019 with a major in Biology and a minor in Software Engineering. My CV is availabe here (updated Dec. 2018).


Coming Sept 2019: I will start pursuing a PhD at the University of Toronto in the comming fall, really looking forward to everything coming along!

Oct 2018 - present: Now I’m working on my bachelor’s thesis about Rumex meiotic drive collaborating with Prof. Stephen Wright from the University of Toronto.

July - Oct 2018: In the past summer I was a Mitacs Globalink intern at Simon Fraser University working with Professor Jim Mattsson on conifer bark transcriptomics.


  • Computational Biology
    • My interest lies in the general area of computional biology/bioinformatics. My past experience involves chloroplast genomics, trancriptomics and population genetics. See my notes and scripts on bioinformatics here (a little messy…).
  • Botany
    • I’m the co-founder and former president of Botany Association of Sichuan University. I love writing popular-scientific blog posts about common plants in campus, see links here.
  • Software Developing
    • I’ve written several programs and find it exciting to develop new platforms and helpful softwares. Check my Github for details.