About Me

Hi I’m Meng Yuan, a senior undergraduate in computational biology from Sichuan University. I will be graduating in June 2019 with a major in Software Engineering and a minor in Biological Science. My CV is availabe here (updated Nov. 2018).


Oct 2018 - present: Now I’m doing my graduation project on plant sex chromosome evolution with Professor Stephen Wright from University of Toronto.

July - Oct 2018: In summer 2018 I was a Mitacs Globalink intern in Simon Fraser University working with Professor Jim Mattsson on conifer bark transcriptomics.


  • Computational Biology
    • My interest lies in the general area of computional biology and bioinformatics(slightly difference between these two). My past experience involves chloroplast genomics, trancriptomics and population genetics. See my notes and scripts on bioinformatics here.
  • Plants
    • I’m the founder and former president of the Fantastic Botany Club in Sichuan University. I’ve written many popular-scientific articles on plants(Chinese), see links here.
  • Software Developing
    • I’ve written several programs and find it exciting to develop new platforms and helpful softwares. Check my Github for details.

Contact Info

  • Email: viciayuan@gmail.com
  • Github: https://github.com/imengyuan