I haven’t updated this page since 2018, but I’m always taking plant photos and learning more about photography when I have the chance. These plant photos always remind me of special and happy memories from different trips at different stages of my life (even though sometimes the photos are not very good). I’ll try to update this page with more recent photos soon.

Vandusen Botanical Garden Busy Labor Day Weekend


Summer 2018, Burnaby & Vancouver Three-month Internship

Black berry

August 2018, Toronto Symposium & Travel


July 2018, South China Botanical Garden, guangzhou Flight Layover

Hoya revolubilis

April 2018, Baishuihe Nature Reserve Field Trip with Ecology Majors


April 2018, Emei Moutain Trip with the Botany Club


Summer 2017, Wolong Nature Reserve Field work helping with identifying plants


Through My 4-year Undergraduate in Chengdu, Sichuan Common plants on campus


Medicinal Botanical Garden full with Surprises